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Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions for valuable, handy help on our products and services.

Q1: What are the quick shortcuts to make a phone call?

Q2: How do you hide the call screen while you are on a call and look at
other info (calendar, email, or contacts)?

Q3: How do you enter a new web site address on the Blackberry?

Q4: How do you bookmark a web page?

Q5: How do you change Font size on the Blackberry?

Q6: What is the best shortcut to get to an icon without having to roll the
track wheel?

Q7: What are PIN messages?

Q8: How do you send a PIN message?

Q9: How do I save the PIN Number when someone sent the email via it?

Q10: How do I add the Pin to a Blackberry contact that already exists?

Q11: How do you change the BB from ring to vibrate?

Q12: How do you change the BB to notify differently if in the holster or
out of the holster?

Q13: How do you select multiple emails to delete at one time?

Q14: How do you open attachments on your Blackberry?

Q15: How do you view different sheets in Excel on your Blackberry?

Q16: How do you get the BB to delete messages in your Outlook when you delete them on the handheld?

Q17: How do you scroll horizontally?

Q18: How do you copy and paste text?

Q19: How do you quickly capitalize a letter in the middle of a sentence?

Q20: How do you quickly add a period at the end of a sentence and make
the next letter capitalized?

Q21: Can you call a number from an email if the number is in the body
of the email?

Q22: How do you quickly get to your newest message and your oldest messages?

Q23: How do you get to the Global Address Book on the Blackberry?

Q24: How do I quickly add new contacts in your Address Book?

Q25: How do you create a group distribution list on your BB?

Q26: How do you quickly view your schedule on other days?

Q27: How do you add new appointments in your Blackberry and have
them sync wirelessly with Outlook?

Q28: How do you accept a meeting request in your Blackberry?